Which Arsenal hashtag is the most negative?

As criticism and speculation surrounded the future of long-serving Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, I analysed the 4 most popular Arsenal hashtags on April 10th to get a sense of how Tweeters were using the respective hashtags.

In order of positivity: 

  • #COYG – 72%
  • #Gunners – 55%
  • #AFC – 40%
  • #Arsenal – 30%

A linguistic analysis of the top Arsenal hashtags using statistics program R reveals the verbs with the top-most frequency from a sample size of 500 Tweets.

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Unsurprising, #COYG topped the positivity charts as a vehicle to express support for the team, aka “Come on you Gunners”.

Bottom ranked was #Arsenal, possibly due to being a more neutral hashtag that pundits and publications used to pour criticism on the football manager.