The task: build and launch a new website the UK’s most popular Jewish publication, Jewish News, a London  newspaper with a circulation of 30,000 copies per week.


BEFORE: The Jewish New’s previous web presence. Time for an upgrade.

In order to expand and develop an online audience, a new and modern website design is sorely needed.

The new website will also be an archive of previous additions of the physical paper and take editorial policy in a forward-thinking, online-first direction. Rigorous SEO will pull in greater numbers of readers from search engines

I chose the WordPress platform for it’s user-friendly CMS in order to meet the demands of a busy news room where a high volume of daily news content would be uploaded by journalists.

Extensive customization would add features including embedded video, opinion polls and photo galleries.

New-look homepage June 8th 2013


As a portal for Jewish News readers, the new website features links to all stories, videos and commentary provided in the physical newspaper with a host of features and separate editorial identity for the online audience.

I used my knowledge of HTML and website design to optimise and add features to prior to and following launch, ensuring a fully updated and appealing experience for visitors,

Customize photo galleries and responsive design means that text and picture looks great on any device while a robust commenting system encourages a community to quickly build around alongside revamped Twitter and Facebook profiles.


Marshalled time, budget and human resources to launch on 12/4/2013, leading the project, establishing priorities and drawing on available resources to effectively deliver project milestones.



As Online Editor of I was responsible for generating and editing the content of the website and I had quality control oversight over all website content, design, optimisation and strategy decisions.

Leading online news coverage required coordination of large networks of professionals, freelance writers and content creators to curate a content-rich news and lifestyle website. Using effective project management I was able to help grow audiences and develop the product at every opportunity, directing responsively in a busy newsroom against inflexible deadlines and a limited marketing budget. This included coordinating and negotiating innovative publishing partnerships with Jewish LGBT+ and student organisations, which increased the profile of the Jewish News brand in emerging audience segments.

  • Jewish News 1 Television Network
  • JW3
  • Charities
  • Keshet
  • Israeli Government


As an ambitious project to establish a major London newspaper in the competitive field of online news, was a rewarding success, developing the brand and establishing lucrative new opportunities for the newspaper.

Here are some of the stats.

the average number of online visitors increased 200 to over 10,000 users per week.

Effective social media strategy resulted in a huge increase in reach. The Facebook page increased over 1000% to over 20,000 over 17 months. Our Twitter presence saw a similar boost in numbers with over 15,000 followers.