Jake Paul vs Logan Paul | 2017 Search Interest with Google Trends

Jake Paul vs Logan Paul | 2017 Search Interest with Google Trends and Tableau

  • Were people more interested in Logan Paul or Jake Paul? Let’s analyse one year of people searching for Logan and Jake Paul on Google.
  • Tableau visualization of Google Trends data from 01st February 2017 – 01st February 2018.

2017 was a breakout year for social media stars Jake Paul and Logan Paul, two brothers who spent the year courting controversy and a legion of demographically similar fans and followers.

Aiming for the same audience within the increasingly competitive “Social Media Personality” bracket, one of the most personally interesting aspects has been the sibling rivalry displayed by the Romulus and Remus of merchandise-shilling vlogs and music videos.

Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across the globe across a given time, and as such can provide an indication of the relative public interest in “Jake Paul” compared to “Logan Paul” from 01st February 2017 – 01st February 2018.

So what?

A personally interesting factor in peoples relative interest in the two Paul brothers is the role of new vs traditional media – we get an idea of the relative exposure a social media scandal provides versus print and broadcast media scandal can provide.

The sharp growth in people looking for information on Logan Paul experienced during the “Suicide Video” scandal that made headlines on thousands of established news outlets and broadcast bulletins across the globe. Much is usually made of the death of such media and even when considering the extreme limitations of the dataset and perceived severity of the scandal, one could argue that it catapulted Logan into public consciousness in a way that Jake’s relatively minor scandals, largely limited to online backlashes, did not.

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